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Anthropological Frontier Seminar



中国人民大学 社会与人口学院 北京市海淀区中关村大街59号,100872


Institute of Anthropology at RUC

School of Sociology and Population Study

Renmin University of China (RUC)



Anthropological Frontier Seminar

二零一四年春学期 第六讲 总第三十讲

Lecture 3, Autumn 2014, Total 27th


主持人(Chaired by):

赵旭东 教授

主讲人(Key Speaker):

刘新 教授(美国加州大学伯克利分校人类学教授)




时间(Time):四月二十三日(星期三) 下午六点到九点(6:00pm-9:00pm,2nd , April)

地点: 中国人民大学 科研楼A座 212会议室

Venue: Room 212, Building of Keyan, A-Wing, Renmin Univesity of China

联系人:马子媚;电话:13426037825 邮箱:mzm2013@ruc.edu.cn

Contact: Ma Zimei , Tel: 13426037825, Email: mzm2013@ruc.edu.cn







M. Sahlins:

The Use and Abuse of Biology




M. Douglas:

How Institutions Think





L. Fleck:

Genesis and Development of a Scientific Fact




小结: 斯宾格勒和他的广义文化相对论

Oswald Spengler:The Decline of the West



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Ph.D. Social Anthropology. SOAS, University of London, 1995.


2008-present: Professor, Anthropology, UC Berkeley. 2001-2008: Associate Professor, Anthropology, UC Berkeley. 1995-2001: Assistant Professor, Anthropology, UC Berkeley. 1985-1989: Lecturer, Department of Statistics, Renmin Univ., Beijing.


Xin Liu

Wu Yuzhang Endowed Professorship, Remin University, Beijing. IEAS Residential Research Fellowships, UC Berkeley. COR (Competitive) Faculty Research Grant, UC Berkeley. Research Fellow, the E-Institutes of Shanghai Universities, China. Bridging Grant, Committee on Research (COR), UC Berkeley.

2012-2014 2010-2012 2009-2012 2007-2010 2005-2007 2005 (summer) Visiting Faculty, Intel Corporation, Oregon. 2004-2005 Visiting Professorship (fall semester), Aichi University, Japan. 2003 (summer) Visiting Professorship, Tokyo University, Japan.

2001-2003 1998-1999 1998-1999 1997-1998 1996-1997 1995-1999 1993-1994 1990-1994

IEAS Faculty Research Grant, UC Berkeley. The Asia Leadership Fellowship, Japan Foundation. The Hellman Family Faculty Research Grant, UC Berkeley. The Humanities Research Fellowship, UC Berkeley. The Regents Junior Faculty Fellowship, UC Berkeley. The Junior Faculty Research Grant, UC Berkeley. The Sino-British Fellowship Trust Funding Grant, U. of London. The Sino-British Friendship Scholarship, British Council.


Co-Editor, Asian Anthropologies and Asia-Pacific Studies, Berghahn Books, 2012-. University Fellowship Committee, UC Berkeley, 2007-. American Culture Committee, UC Berkeley, 2011-2012. Advisory Committee for the Group in Asian Studies, UC Berkeley, 2011-.Human Subject Committee, UC Berkeley, 2007-2009. Overseas Supervisor, China Scholarship Council, China, 2002-.

Steering Committee for the Joint Center for International Studies (JCIS), University of California, 2004-2005.

Editorial Board, Tsinghua Sociological Review, Tsinghua University, China, 2003-2004. Graduate Advisor, Anthropology, UC Berkeley, 2002-2004. Chair, the Center for Chinese Studies, UC Berkeley, 2000-2004. Executive Committee, the Institute of East Asian Studies, UC Berkeley, 1999-2004. Faculty Advisory Committee for the East Asian Library, UC Berkeley, 1997-2004.


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TALKS AND PRESENTATIONS (an exemplary list)

Lectures on Anthropology and Social Theory. Shanghai University, China, June 2013.

Lectures on the History of Anthropological Thought. Lanzhou University, China, June 2012.

Kant in China. Talk at LSE, London, June 8, 2012.

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Organizer and Chair. The CCS Annual Symposium—Anthropology in and of China, Berkeley, March 8-9, 2002.

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