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Claude Levi-Strauss recording of an interview in 2004


This is the Levi-Strauss recording of an interview in 2004
translator:Jean-Daniel Pellet

The current of ideas that I represent was very fashionable about forty (40) years ago. Now preoccupations are rather different and I am not convinced that, a few years from now, it will still be remembered. It seems to me that the diversity of cultures was quite essential a way for humanity to develop and maintain itself, and that, and that sort of universal monoculture to which we are heading -- if we are not there yet - well, I do not recognize myself very well any more...

But that's not important: I belong to another century and another generation. What I observe is the current havoc, the terrifying extinction of living species, be they vegetal or animal, and the fact that, because of its current density, the human species lives under a sort of internal poisoning regime, if I may say so. And I think about the present and the world in which I am finishing my existence: it is not a world that I like.
Claude Levi-Strauss recording of an interview in 2004
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